Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Surprise for ME

I have mentioned before that I work every Saturday and Sunday as a nurse.  I have mentioned that I have a physical ailment called Antiphospholipid Syndrome.  Have I mentioned that when it flares I cannot think, talk or walk straight? I know I have shared that it is an autoimmune state that causes my blood to develop blood clots spontaneously but some times the blood is just too thick and one person I know nick-named it Sludge Blood. So when it is no flowing like it should it impairs me greatly and usually symptoms that are neurological in nature. So I did not work this past weekend and have been a useless homemaker as well. I am grateful it is still summer break.

Since I learned about APS I got to know my case and my body and what worked well for me, but years ago I did get online and find others with APS. At first a support structure seemed like a good idea but it did not take me long to find that I also needed to connect with Christians who share my faith and my syndrome. I did not like the negativity that I often found and in the support group we were forbidden to pray for each other as it would offend others. I later found the person who headed up the group was Wiccan although raised Catholic.  The Lord was guiding me away from the group but it was clear that I had made a few friends there that share my life views not just my illness.  I have maintained those relationships and had met face to face those I am close to except for on person.  WELL, this morning I met her. She let me know yesterday that she was heading my way and it was a surprise indeed.  She was on her way to Chicago from Texas and she stopped and spent the day with me.  I feel so lifted inside to meet her face to face. There are three people I developed an ongoing friendship with.  Two years ago I traveled to PA to met one. About four years ago friend from Houston met me in St. Louis and we drove to Chicago to meet several others. The friend from Houston also took a trip to D.C. with me last fall. My friend in PA and I are very close and speak often on the telephone. We represent four different decades. 

Since I have been in a flare I was not much fun but we spent our time together in great quality. She understands what APS can do to a day in a moment without notice. She accepted me for exactly who I am, which as the moment is a very poor housekeeper and a fridge that needs to be filled along with piles of laundry that have had to go undone for nearly a week.  We spent the morning moving slow and then late morning in the pool before the sun hit it.  My mother dropped by and had one of my grandsons with her, K brought G and F by as well. 

I feel very blessed to have had this opportunity. I pray that the travel and stress of the trip do not interfere with her health.  She will not return to Texas until Tuesday next week so please keep her in your prayers as well. She is 29 yrs old and traveling alone with her very small dog. She reminds me very much of myself in my twenties. 

So here we are after a morning of pool time. Chissy and BethAnne