Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Can't hold back!!!!

So F is done with her entire portion of language arts classes (language, phonics, reading) in 17 minutes. She looks at the chart for the special sound and listens to me tell her what makes is special, I flip the chart and she reads every word. I do this on three different sounds today. She goes to her language book and does the page in less than 5 minutes, goes to the phonics book and has it done in 3 minutes. I wonder if I should move along or take it as the lesson plan has it. Gee, I want her to feel accomplished and she does but really wonder if she should be given more and move along. THEN I remember that I am willing to take two years to do first grade if she needs it. So if she is done with all the lessons for the day in only one hour is that going to be enough? 
I need a consultant!  Not that she is a fast reader, she still goes very slow as she sounds out nearly every word.  I am conflicted.

Same goes for G in her 3rd grade language. I know it is review time but remember we skipped 2nd grade language study. She enjoyed the class very much but after reinforcement of instruction her workbook page was completed in 4 minutes. I wonder if she could do two lesson per day.  I know that when you home school then it is all up to you. Go as fast or as slow as you want to. But I wonder if I should speed it up.  K thinks I wait and see how the first couple of weeks go before even considering it.  She is the mom and I will do as she wishes. That does not stop me from wondering what is best for the girls. I want only the best or at least the best effort put toward them and from them.

IT was a great day in the second day of school.  K and I spent a few minutes in the room with the girls to play for a while and gathered our thoughts and steps for the first half.  When we opened the door and said "ding ding ding class in session"  there were two girls dressed up. One was Cinderella w/ a crown and the other was an Princess of India complete w/ a shear scarf across her face.  We eagerly said....come on in princesses we have a lot to do today.   hehehehe...little did I know that they would be done quickly. We began late again but were completed before lunch.

Overall a good day but as usual I wonder if I am doing my best for them.