Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day of the 2011-2012 School Year

Have you seen those t-shirts that say things like "I survived the worlds largest roller coaster"?  I deserve one for today. This is the first time that we were coming back to our school. Last year it was met with lots of enthusiasm as it was new and exciting to NOT be in school. Apparently we did such a good job of it last year that the newness is gone. F was excited with each new first grade book but G was not phased by it.  Everything went smooth with the girls. It seems the tie up was two teachers who thought they were more prepared than they were. Too much looking into the lesson plan and delaying the flow of the day. So why do I get a shirt for something that went with so much ease?  Simple indeed: because I stressed myself so much that I created a huge climb to the top and a plummet downward with a hard twist in the middle.  Funny how a person can do that to themselves.

You see, G and F did not expect great things from K and myself.  They just expected it to begin, to flow, to learn and to end.  I had hoped to see jumpy girls that would need a calming voice to encourage a positive learning environment. Sure, they had a couple of moments that they got off track in a little conversation but not any huge distractions. It was funny as today I referred to K as the principal of Geralds Learning Academy and the girls giggled to hear that. It got us all off track as K explained that she was many jobs as a mother of home schooled children.  Do you find that it is easy to get off track too?

The poor little weather frog got some clothes on but not much. It was a hot day and F put on some sunblock in his hands.  We reviewed all the field trips that are planned so far and they wanted to know if that was all we are going to do this year. Their eyes lit up when the heard we would do the Magic House Home school Monday again and are looking forward to the Wolf Sanctuary.

What to do tomorrow is the next point to address. First, we will get to the room before the girls and review quickly together the intent of the lesson plans. F's plans are simple but G's become a bit integrated together as we advance her onto her level of ability. K did a great job at making lunch a joy for them as well by having them make their own little pizzas.  It makes a huge difference having the house organized before the lesson began as living in a home that is less cluttered just feels simpler to me.  I am proud at how well the girls addressed their first day of school as we actually did complete lessons today, unlike most first days in the brick and mortar school that has to first cover all the rules and orientation to a new room and teacher. 

I did spruce up the reading corner a bit but the wall decor remains the same as is the calendar wall and weather wall. These items are perfect for them still and no need to redo the entire thing. Other wall decor changes as the lessons and season change. The shelf above the reading corner has been filled with some items we use but the closet in room is a tiny step in with shelves all on one side that we can keep our items on and the clutter of it out of sight.  G liked the direction that the third grade language was going.

Oh yes, even with the teacher delays we were finished by 1258 with quality education and lunch.