Friday, August 12, 2011

Co-op Meeting was so helpful

We joined up with the local co-op group when we began home school last year.  The group we joined is called the St. Clair County Christian Home Educators (SCCCHE). Apparently there is yet another increase in members this year. It seems there will be about 234 families this year. THAT is families, not children.  I like groups like this because there is a wealth of information and support from the veterans of the group.  As the group grows it is also amazing the additional other talents that come along and the advancement of the web page and enrollment via electronic media is wonderful.  We are on the furthest fringes of our county, which is geographically rather large. The leadership of the SCCCHE emphasizes to members that the center focus of our schools should remain in our homes and not on the group. They encourage participation but not to the extreme of doing it all. 

Last night we previewed a DVD called The Trojan Horse as well.  Our area does not offer public school at home like the video was talking about but I did hear a person discussing it in their district.  I continue to be blessed by living in Illinois. We are certainly free in regards to parent choices and education in our state. That is hard to believe as Illinois is otherwise a very controlling state with lots of government involvement.  For one long state we tend to be ignored in the South and many only think of Chicago and Cook County, I might add we do have corrupt politics in our state. Gosh, our last several governors are serving prison terms.  This year the co-op will have a contact person for matters with HSLDA which is only a stronger indicator that our state has the potential to see more bills introduced that will effect our home school freedoms.  Last April, 4000 homeschoolers appeared in Springfield when a bill was first introduced. It quickly died but now that they know we have a strong voice and will be a large presence I expect to see further matters to be more subtle when presented. 

Once again I rambled off subject. If you think I am bad at then when I type, you should try having a conversation with me. ;)

So we also have information about our enrichment program for the semester. WOW, I was so off on the anticipated start date when I did lesson plans until October 28th.  It will mean that I must reschedule two weeks worth of lessons and of course it rolls down hill.  Seems that my lesson plans will now be completed until November 3rd. 

It turns out that I will be teaching my class twice this semester. I had thought once was plenty but told the coordinator to use me where I am needed. So it was a surprise to find that I am needed during the last hour or there would not have been other choices for the younger kiddos.  It will be a long day. 

As it turns out, one of G's girl scout buddies is also to be home schooled this year. Her father will be the primary teacher. Their family joined the co-op last night. Their decision comes on the heels of a school closure. It seems there is this tiny community that has a small old building for their school. The district home is in another larger community and they closed this school and are bringing all the children to the main school building.  This makes a very long day in these rural communities of an hour or longer bus ride to school and back again, additionally, the community the live in is very different than the one they will travel to.  Although diversity and understanding are important, it is also important to surround your children with those who share your values and faith.  They are lost right now, much like me one year ago. I have so much to learn about home education but will share with them what I have found so far.

Well, once again I am off base of my original topic. What was my topic?  Oh well, I guess it is time to go outside and enjoy this cooler temperatures this morning.