Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Same stuff different year?

I just spent the evening going through the A Beka Lesson Plan books for second grade. I know that the year will begin with review but feel like I am not going to introduce much new at all to G this year. I am not the person to decide the curriculum as that is the job of her parents. I like the program the bought and it is laid out well for me to follow but it seems very a-climatic at this point. I am going to have to use my imagination to keep it fresh for her and I really think I will need to skip the stuff that makes her feel like she is in kindergarten again and purchase the 3rd grade Language curriculum.  I no longer worry about the parts we did not achieve in math during 1st grade either as it really is too basic and I may have to skip ahead by 59 lessons. 
I believe in review and reinforcement but not to the point that we are all bored.  There is another materials display in the area next week, I will have to attend this.