Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I found out why and now I can move on

I CAN POST COMMENTS AGAIN.  Turns out that I click on the "remember me" button and it tends to block post ability.  NOW I can post about my G and F again.

I spent yesterday with a father who is considering home school for his daughter. -A- is a girl scout w/ G's troop and a beautiful child. So many changes in the cut backs of their small community school.  It is of course his decision but I hope they do make the home school choice. It would not effect my life but I know it will have a positive impact on -A-. 

I still await the Language Arts books for G, otherwise I would have all the lessons and days planned out until November 5th. 

We are looking into a trip to Purina Farms .  K remembers doing this as a girl scout and wants to take the girls.  We will be doing a field trip with the co-op in September.  That trip will be to the City Museum in St. Louis.  The girls love the city museum and the group rate is a huge savings, additionally, they will see familiar faces.

G is going to do a scrapbooking class during Master's Lyceum and we can use the pictures from these trips so she has a nice supply and choices.