Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gotta Get My Groove On

We are going to begin classtime on Monday but the classroom was very much abused during the summer break. I emtered the room to find wonderful artwork on the white boards and all the dry erase markers in need of replacement. Crates moved around, wall hangings dropped to the floor. You see, we teach in a room that does not flow into required living space but apparently living is managed to flow into it.

I can imagine them playing school when no one is around. I can imagine them in a good game of hide and seek and thus crates moved and little ones packed under them.

What I did not imagine was that it would take me days to get this room ready for school days.  K has been doing well and no more bedrest or light duty. Being the mother of K of course I refuse to permit her to do so much heavy work and wow her house really got out of cotrol with all the things that have been going on. So for the past two days we have all been doing deep, deep cleaning. Sure, it is not my house but K had so much time that she could not do much and I do not want her bending and lifting. That is where the girls come in. F and G are both small enough that bending down is not such a chore. We have the entire upstairs clean as a whistle except for the redecoration of the nursery as this time there will be a boy in the room.   Everything is in its place and it was nice to see it finished.

I began on the classroom downstairs and F's room is all in order but tomorrow we will all head down the stairs until it is finished or until 4pm which ever comes first. WHY am I helping?  Like I said, as mother I do not want K to overdo it as this is her last attempt for a third child. Additionally, I have to be there four days per week when we have class and it is so much nicer to begin the year with all in place.

Things I must do before I move on in the classroom:
1. wipe down walls
2. get new wall tacky to display items on the wall
3. clean the reading nook, seems they took some crackers to their nook to read with them
4. wash the dry art from the white board and pray for the best
5 replace light bulbs
6. pack away last years stuff and keep until this time next year
7.get the calendar up to date with seasons, month and schedule
8. get new printer cord as the bunny chewed this one
9. get printer ink
10. get printer paper
11. sharpen pencils
12 inventory colored pencils and crayons then decide if we need new items
13. new glue
14. wash desk-- I think each girl washes their own
15 clean carpet
16. get new curriculum out of boxes and into its place.

I had hoped to be at the Botanical Gardens again today but we have to get this done first.
Finally, G must learn to ride that bike without her training wheels. That is where Uncle D comes in. He is going to work with G tomorrow night for us. Parents can't do it, my health won't let me and Uncle D loves to make memories with G and F.

In the middle of this I must not neglect my own home. I have two bedrooms that I am going to redo. I have carpet pulled from one but more clutter built in it. I must clear out the other and pull carpet as well. I can go without these rooms as it is just Roger and myself but when the grands sleep over I want new rooms for them. I usually have these rooms closed off vents and closed doors otherwise. I want it done before the new baby as I always like having a baby bed up in my house so when a grand sleeps they are safe and comfy.

I also have to prepare for my Lyceum classes to teach as well so I must stop draggin' my feet.