Thursday, August 4, 2011

Skipping 2nd grade language book?

I have gone all through every lesson for the second grade language arts. G will need to do the spelling but I have gone through the 2 grade phonics test book and she could test out on each one I am certain. I went through the lesson plan and cannot see why I would be reviewing vowel and consonant sounds with her still two weeks into school when she completed the entire curriculum last year and learned ALL the phonic sounds. Sure the last 10 maybe review but begin with a vowel?  NO WAY

Kelley agrees completely with me so she is going to have G read the last page of each reader in the program. If she can do it without stumbling and delayed sounding out of words then we MUST move on. The whole idea is to avoid a boring school but to challenge their bright little minds. I feel like I will be holding G back if I do this.  I might as well teach her w/ F and only teach one level at a time. HAHAHA -- poor G would be so upset to b held up by her baby sister.

ANYWAY WE are going to a material display next week and talk w/ the rep that covers Missouri. I do not like the attitude of the rep that covers Illinois. He does not come to this area enough anyway and the young helpful man who uses this material for his own children cut his own commission in telling us to wait for the sale that was coming up.  He knew we would go to the IL rep then.  

I see that lesson 146 has ABC order, my hubby says that I have to cover it.  I tell him that G can do ABC order already and even three letters into a word.  I went on to show him the lessons and he agrees as well to find what will challenge G.  The books will not go to waste as we still have F to go and then there is Baby O who is going to be born before the end of the year. 

I know, I am rambling but I feel that way in my head as well. IT was not a good day for me with my APS so my mind is scattered.  Just venting once again about this whole 2nd grade language thing. DONE  Good night!