Thursday, August 18, 2011

Field Trips

So far we have twelve field trips on our school schedule. That is between yesterday and April 17, 2012.  Four of them will be participating in the Magic House Homeschool Monday program. It will cost $3/person and is only 2 hours long but is just enough. The girls also look forward to a totally unhealthy lunch of a footlong hot dog as the SONIC down the road on the way home. Two of them are to the Missouri Botanical Gardens with one of those under out belt so far. BUT...

I have not yet included any activities at the St.Louis Science Center or Legislative Day in Springfield, Illinois just to mention a few. I have not yet included the trip to Purina Farms or The St. Louis Art Museum

I am not sure how to fit in everything else with all of our plans. Lets hope that we all have the energy to endure this school year.