Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back To My First Choice.

When I began this, I had decided to use the smaller bedroom for formal lesson times.  I had ideas about a small intimate reading nook, a room with a few classroom decor that would fit year round.  The smaller room is our old nursery room and measures about 10x10, then if you recall my hubby thought that using the larger out-building would serve the purpose well.

So getting that room ready was really more than I am physically and financially up to.  I got it "trashed out" as it had become our catch all place.  Then as I worked in it I thought about the difficulty in climate control, after all G does not tolerate heat that well and F will get a red red face very quickly in a hot stuffy room.  Then the idea of paying for the extra heat to a place that I generally do not heat at all. 

My whole idea as I take these steps was to take it as God tends to naturally lead me.  So that is what I did today.  I moved out the few items in the other room.  By the way, I love the bright cheery yellow paint in that room as well.  I moved in the desks, I put up the wall decor for the reading corner, the monthly calendar and the neat dress me for the weather frog.  I still have that flag the girls bought hanging in the room, after all it was the original room. 

I will begin class on Tuesday without a carpet in the room but the old cruddy one is pulled up and we will be on the subfloor about two weeks I imagine.  For organization bins/book shelves I am going to use the dozen milk crates that we have at the shop, after all they will be behind closed closet doors and will not only hold items well but will create organizational bins for us to utilize.  The easel has arrived as well and I will have R put up the white board over the weekend. 

It will be much smaller and our crafts will come out to the kitchen table. Now that is more of the homeschooling experience we were in need of anyway.  It was becoming way to much like a brick and mortar school house for a while.  I know this will suit our needs and in many ways enhance the experience. 

Next post I will put up pictures of our learning area.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Holding on my own degree, I guess

I really thought this would be the right time to advance my own education as well.  I continue to work every Sat and Sun in a local hospital ICU. I really love that job and feel that nursing is not my career but my ministry.  As I age I know that the bedside care I have come to love is not something I can do later. Nursing is very physically demanding. 

Sure, sure I have said this before but why would I stop working on my Masters Degree so that I can teach nursing later on.  It is simple, my family is first and my new grand-baby will be here in April.  IF...IF M gets the new job and K can stop her job then of course I can return to college.  Right now that is not the situation so I must halt what I am doing. K is very sick still, not new baby sick but APS sick.  She needs everything I can muster to help out right now. 

God has different plans for my life it is clear.  I must follow as it is given me each day.  Maybe He does not intend for me to teach in the classroom but use me in the clinical setting as I do now. I so enjoy having students with me for the day, they enjoy the experience and the local Community College nursing instructors have been encouraging me to join them.  I must consider that God needs me where I am. After all, teaching puts me back to work dive days per week.  My weekend option program is a terrific gig!!!

That is all for now.  I hope this did not sound like I am terribley disappointed as I know enough to follow the path He puts in front of me and rejoice in it, even if I have a temporary disappointed moment.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I will be a grandmother again!!!

First I must say that this is a real joy no matter how it comes to me.  I enjoy my grandchildren so very much and cannot imagine life any different.  I also greet this joy with a little hesitation, not because this child is not wanted, but because it is my daughter who has been ill that will carry this soul.

I have mentioned before that I have an autoimmune illness called Antiphospholipid Syndrome.  Well in April my daughter became suddenly very ill and was wheelchair bound for a while following several weeks at a top notch St. Louis teaching hospital.  They were stumped as it manifested many symptoms of APS but there were a few things that just stopped them from confirming she also would have APS.  She has been on several medications that keep her on her feet.  These meds can cause birth defects so she must stop immediately, which worries me as her mother.

As GRANDMA I am excited beyond words. As MOM I am concerned for my own baby's health. So where to we take this?  We put it into our Lord's hands and trust HIM with all of our hearts that both will be healthy.  We take everything He gives us from day to day.  This is just one more thing.

GEE I hope we get another girl!!!  They had wanted to try for the third child in October but felt that would be the wrong move due to her illness.  HA HA  guess God showed them just who was boss. 

By the time this child get to my home-school the oldest will be in 7th grade, I would imagine she will be a lot of help as I will be turning the corner onto old age street.

Remember to support APS awareness, the leading cause of recurrent premature birth and miscarriages. The leading cause of young stroke and young heart attacks.  One of the leading causes of pulmonary emboli which kills over 600,000 people a year.  Did you know the pulmonary emboli kill more people each year than cancer and aids combined?  www.americanaps.org

Friday, August 13, 2010

Last Night We Joined The Co-Op

I must be honest and tell you that I was a bit frightened at what I would find there.  It is a Christian co-op which should not cause fear but I still have the shadow of the Christian Home-schooler reputation that hoovers over me I guess. 

It was great!  Totally in keeping with my own philosophy and with so many great opportunities.  Blessings came over their father during the meeting--yes indeed not only did my daughter come as expected but M came as well.  He has stepped up to volunteer as a leader for a 4-H Clover-bud program. 

This group as an enrichment program they call Master's Lyceum with a multitude of enrichment opportunities for the girls.  I imagine that since I am there I will be able to help somewhere in the process. 

All the curriculum is here and the room is still in the "hanger" so to speak.  It will not take long to do but it will take me having the energy to complete. I have told all that I need help so soon that will take place and we will have it together in no time at all.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So much done! So much to do!

Praises!!!  I have all the curriculum either here or in transit.  I did a great job bargain hunting for used items when possible.  It has been very time consuming and my house knows that I have been stuck in the computer.  My husband laughs when he comes home and finds me sitting at this desk once again.  A few things left to do, some big and some small.

Item #1 would be to get that room prepared. It is the hardest thing by far as it first needs to get "trashed out", then a fresh coat of paint, a new indoor/outdoor piece of carpet, new screens, new ceiling fan and light fixture.  When that is done I will place the desks, the reading recliners, the white boards, the activity table, the book shelves, the art supplies (oh got to buy those yet) and the different activity items the girls have decided they want in the room.  YES it is a big job but one that I believe could be knocked through with the right amount of energy quickly.

Item#2 would be the small stuff.  The reading nook wall decorations, the pencils and organization items for supplies that will be used.

Item #3 will be getting the wireless connected to this computer to pick up in the next building where we will be making our school house. The computer for the school house is completed and ready for them to use. Wireless mouse and keyboard as well.  The laptop is also ready to go so I will have the ability to use two different computers at a time, which is great since there are only 2 girls.

Item #4 will be to get the heater in the house by the end of October (or sooner...one never knows)

Item #5 is the class room "pet".  Sure we have dogs, cats, deer, that we love and feed regularly but they want a "wonder-pet". They are trying to decide if it will be a hamster or a bird.  Personally, G found a container in the woods that is near the waterway, it was full of differently developed tadpoles. I think we should gather them and foster their growth, keeping them as our class pet.  They really want a bird however.

I have so much to do and have done so much already, still I find that I am behind schedule.  Next week we will take the girls to the St. Clair County Christian Home Educator Co-Op gathering.  We will see how well we fit in.  You see, we are not very meek or mild like the kind people we met at the orientation meeting.  We grasp life every day and rejoice in it...sometimes rather rambunctiously I might add.

Yes, as I have posted in the past, my life is a miracle and I am a survivor of APS.  It has its uncertainties.  I have a goal with these girls that I have committed to every day I see them.  Each day is a day for making memories.  I will encourage them to be filled with joy overflowing.  Afterall, life is a worth celebrating!