Monday, February 13, 2012

Unplanned Break

It seems that Influenza  A  has decided that we needed a break from school.  This break will enable me to do the final touches on the lesson plan for Master's Lyceum co-op classes.  It is unfortunate though because Faith has become very ill with the flu.

Fortunately she did make it to the wedding that she was participating in but I am afraid that just eight hours later she became symptomatic with the flu.  Do you have any idea how many people shook her hand or gave her hugs?  Guess how many dance partners she had....  Oh my, we pray others do not get ill.

Her is a picture of her and the bride.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Another Magic House Monday

Within this children's museum is an interactive display that supports our recent lessons on Lewis and Clark.  I told the girls that since that is a topic we have recently studied I would like them to go there first today.  They knew exactly how to get there and they spent one hour in that area.

They dressed in period dress and did all of the activities including a few that they imagined on their own. Overall, it was once again a great experience. Following that area they went to the Magic Tree House area once again and enjoyed themselves very much. While Faith spent most of her time being Clara Barton, Grace spent her time a a Pilgrim and being Sara.  Eventually they made their way to the other story area but did not go through the rest of the museum this time.  They were very focused in the quality of the experience. 

It seems that Grace wants to learn more about Egypt and Faith wants to learn more about penguins so just as I had been anticipating the girls lessons are beginning to separate according to interest and learning ability.

As usual my camera is out in the car so I will post pictures of today's activity tomorrow.

We enjoyed a lunch with friends as well. I sure wish that we did not live so far away from each other but then again we are both so busy with our own home school schedule that even if we lived down the road it probably wouldn't be much different.

On a side note the girls got a good Samaritan lesson today. On our way home a man was a hit and run victim on the interstate and I did CPR until EMS arrived.  I do not think he was going to live but I had to try anyway.  Poor Grace was upset by the blood that I got on my clothes and hands.  Sometimes you cannot shelter them from all of life but there was one lady there that did a great job at talking to the girls and distracting them from watching me.  So they did not see a lot and a few others went ahead and stood right behind me to help shelter the girls from seeing the horrible sight.  I cannot believe that someone would drive away from such a terrible accident. Let's face it, no one expects a person to be in the middle of an interstate so an accident is just that, an accident.

Oh yes, we also decorated the boxes for the valentine exchange with the coop.  I call it a good day.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Some belated pictures of activites

Westward Expansion Museum at the Arch

Looking into a prairie dwelling

I wrote about our trip to the arch but never took the card from the camera.  Funny how in the old days I did not take the film to the photomart and now that I have all these modern conveniences I still procrastinate in the picture department.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I do not make this post to offend anyone. I want to make it clear as it seems to get muddled up easily.  I teach my grandchildren because I feel I am called to do that right now.  I have been called upon to do many things in my life. Remember, I am a Registered Nurse in an ICU with 30 yrs experience. In those same 30 years I have been a cub/boy/girl scout leader, a homecoming picnic volunteer (yr after yr), an active citizen promoting and using a local civic center and programs for youth, a soccer mom, a dance mom, a kourey league mom, and a conservation worker within our many many campsites.  YES!  I am a Christian and so it is natural that my believes will influence my teaching.  It means that I try to find a  bit more patience when I think I might be at the end. Well, so does any good mother/grandmother, regardless of their religious convictions. 

I teach Grace and Faith because they are wonderful little sponges that have a huge potential in front of them. I teach because they would, could and will get lost in the public system and that has the potential to diminish their future potentials.  I teach because I can foster the natural love for learning that they have and help to keep it on fire. I am not happy just being the kindling but want to be the gasoline on a huge boy scout fire. (old family joke)  Our lesson times are spent making sure that the girls can meet the academic standards that they are capable of meeting. In our everyday life we teach our philosophy that we hope they take to heart and follow as well. In their church the teachings at home are reinforced. I have always openly prayed with them. BUT I am not going to take my lesson time to memorize a Bible verse.  If  there is time to memorize something I want it to be a math fact, a spelling rule, or rules of writing the English language. 

I feel it is more important to understand the message of a verse than to spit out the words my memory. Additionally, the Bible is a huge book and to take one line and think that one line holds all the meaning necessary is just way outside of my box. 

Kelley carefully monitors what type and the amount of television the girls see. She makes sure they learn to be respectful but also is good and teaching them to speak their thoughts as long as it is done with respect and understanding of each others view.  They are essentially sheltered from the many influences that they are simply not ready to receive. But I know my daughter and when she feels they are becoming more mature she will certainly open the world to them more. 

OH ONE MORE THING......  there are many people in our lives that have "alternative" life styles.  We love them dearly and would never think of removing them from our presence. I also want to go on the record and say that there are same sex couples out there who are wonderful parents and would put most to shame.  Be high and mighty about this but I am sure that it is not what Jesus would do.

Well, enough said for now.

BTW we have had a great week of lessons.  Big things happening at Geralds Learning Academy!