Monday, May 2, 2011

Setting a date for the last day of school

Today I showed G how much book work was left to be completed by the end of this month. It was clear to her that math would be a year long class but she is also pleased that she will get a break from the rest of the subjects.

We discussed doing math while spending the day around our pool.  She did not seem to upset with the news.  She could clearly see that she was not going to be able to rush through the lessons.  I must say though that I think they drag some lessons on and on.  Math has not been my subject to teach and K has been following the lesson plan to the T.  Now that K is on bedrest upstairs I am modifying it to my teaching style.

I also gave up on a spelling class.  It seems that it was to much of a requirement on the lifestyle of this unique family to complete as I would want. Therefore, I decided some time ago that I could do spelling during the summer a bit and it would reinforce the phonics that we all ready know.  NEXT year it WILL not be that way. I am going to get firm about the matter with both the students and the parents. 

Tomorrow we will go to a material display and purchase the curriculum for next year. They offered free shipping in April but you could not do the flex pay system unless you went to a display. A few months ago we wanted to complete this tasks before the known price increase but just did not have the funds prepared to do so. This means we will pay more overall but the value in my opinion is great.

In Illinois you must attend for 176 days which was slated for May 19th  However, we ended up with some unexpected time away so we will have formal lessons until May 27. 

On Saturday G had a birthday party and one friend stayed overnight. It was the first time she has finally had a friend to arrange this with.  She enjoyed her day very much.

F has really been making progress but today she was a stinker. Fought me all day with every lesson until I finally suggested the nap. I know neither girl got enough sleep with the busy weekend. G was also clearly tired, her eyes showed it. So she went to her room to rest and read. She began Charlotte's Web but I have not seen her yet to know how she is enjoying it.

I will post some photos soon as my blog is looking boring. 

I continue to have therapy on my left shoulder and today the ortho injected the joint. WOW that smarts and has me in a lot of pain today. I will continue doing therapy and see him at the end of May.