Friday, May 27, 2011

School's out for summer! Sure it is......

So why is it that I expect more from the children in my life?  We are calling it summer break but in my eyes it does not resemble a break at all. In the eyes of the girls it is a huge relief to only do what I have shown them they will be expected to complete over the summer.

Just how is this a summer vacation?  For one, it is our first year and although we did plenty during our schedule school year we did not do everything we had hoped to. No! No!  That is not quiet right. We did what ever we planned to do but as I made it individual to each person's need it meant that G will have year round math and F will continue with her phonic/reading in hopes that she will be in the first grade reader next year. But if not, we will work on each child's level.

That makes the curriculum purchase a bit hard. We bought all of the second grade program and we purchased the consumables for the first grade. It is possible we will not be at that level for each child so the whole integrated curriculum will be less effective. WHICH is why I expect more from mine than others.

I expect them to learn year round even when we do not call it school We have always done this even before we officially home schooled. We find enjoyment in this process, they are eager to learn more and more. 

Yes indeed, today will be our last official day but it will not be the end of out lessons plans and would have never been the end of learning for the year either way.