Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Friday will be our last official day

I am finding that it means very little on one hand as we have summer work that is going to be completed. On the other hand they seem to like the thought that we will not be engaging into routine class time.

I find that I am still planning lessons. G has accepted the fact that her math will not be completed and we are going to take is slow so she is successful in the process.  I think she is even looking forward to the math summer program. I will bring home the whiteboard/chalkboard easel so we can work with it during lesson. Lessons will not be in their class room but at my house. Since I have the pool they will be here most days and we will do lesson before jumping in and then workbook during the after lunch wait period.

She took several test that I had not given in math and did very well. She even did it without the puffy cheeks and stiffened arms. She does so well on the test that I know we could move along faster if her emotions would just change about the word  M-A-T-H. 

G has only three stories left to read in her last reader for first grade and will have completed the Letter and Sounds book by Friday. She will not have all the Language book completed but most of the book at the end is about creating sentences and stories. I offered her to work more in that book which she really does not like the book much. She finds it repeating to the point of aggravation. The other day it had several pictures and wanted sentences that described the picture. She did o.k. but not great. Then the next page had a large blank wanting to tell a story about a subject. Instead I asked her to write about the zoo trip we made last week. She was so excited!  AND she did a good job with it.  So we will call it quits with Language book as well and she is eager to practice sentence structure with a journal/diary for the summer.

F has only a few pages left in her K math book. She has several in he phonics book and has more readers to get through. It does not seem to bother her at all. She is enjoying the book but does not find it as fun as the math book.  Perhaps I was wrong to pace her differently in this book but I let her be the guide here as well. Some days she did not want to touch the book but would do several lessons in the math book.  She is 4yr 7mo. now and I feel she is doing well with phonics and reading but we may very well be finishing this level by next October. We will see.  When she does not have anything to do but phonics/reading she is likely to really take off this summer.  WOW that sounds like she did not take off which is not what I mean to say about F.  She is eager and bright but she is also a hot head and when she is tired her four year oldness shows. One cannot win a fight with a tired four year old.

We join the health/science/social studies/art all into one combined class. Which means F is doing first grade learning here.  We finished the last of each book. F did read all the questions herself and answer them. 

So what about my failure with spelling? Well I am heading to and going to use it this summer and in the future as the current method does not even get the subject done.  This will be a summer thing too for G to complete the first grade lessons that we stalled on. 

I wonder if other parents/grandparents stall in spelling at home too or if it is just our own failure. No one seems to ever complain about spelling class on other blogs. A lot of math issues and some curriculum issues out there but no spelling issues.  I guess our little Academy is unique in this.

I imagine that this summer I will blog maybe weekly or every other week.  I will go online to see what is happening in the blogs I follow.