Thursday, May 5, 2011

Baby is growing

Today was a joyous day for our family. K is off of bedrest but on light duty mothering. I know, we can all get a good laugh at that one. Fortunately, I am able to help her a lot.
Today they could not see any more signs of the clot or separation of the placenta and found a growing baby with a heartbeat of 183 bpm.
We know that this is great news and we find hope in it. We also put our trust to God and will not worry about this soul. God all ready knows His plan and we can only hope it is the same as our desires.

G and F are excited to get a bit of mommy back. I do believe it was a challenge for all three of them. 
We had not choice today but to take the girls with us to the doctor office but there is a large common area just outside of the office and so of course I took out lessons and we went to work on one of the table. I expected questions but did not find any asked. I guess it was clear that there was real learning taking place.

I have decided we got a bit stagnated so i am going to us a lapbook lesson for our plant study.  They seem to enjoy creating these.