Saturday, April 30, 2011

Passed by the public school and she shouts-------

that's MY school!!!  WHAT?  You mean the school you use to attend! I follow it up with the do you miss it question.  She quickly replies---"ARE YOU CRAZY?". 

Whew!  She had me scared for a moment. Then little F tells her, "I am sure glad we get to be in school together. I would miss you SOOO much if we were in that big building.  How could I ever find you when I need you?" 

So this week we did some math testing on G and she did well.  As I have repeatedly said--g is a learner--not a memorizer. Yet, she is retaining more and more facts quickly but as math goes on she begins to revert to her old self and seems blocked. Suddenly what she knew at the start of a lesson is forgotten and frustrating. Math is only 20 min. lesson time but she drags it on and on.

F is making so much progress in her reading skills this past two weeks. She is a little copy cat of her sister and I found her laying in her bed at bedtime with her old reader and challenging herself. 

Yesterday I pulled out their sandbox and filled it up.  It provided hours of imagination play.  Next week however we will need to clean the sand as they pulled up every dandelion in the yard and made there own garden that was later destroyed by the volcano.

I managed to do more typical lessons this past week but ended up with more delays as my own mother had to go to the hospital.  I have also been working in both homes to get things in order. I will be happy when K is off of bed rest and she can come down to help teach and do her own dishes.  Next week I will go to the city to purchase next years curriculum and K has another ultrasound as they keep a close eye on the placenta hemorrhage and the heartbeat.  Even with that I plan to keep the girls routine more routine next week.  HA I typed that I recall the physical therapy appt and the orthopedic surgeon appt on Monday. The book display is on Tuesday and the ultrasound is on Thursday. Guess I will get it in when it works and do some traditional lessons on Wednesday and Friday.---OK--- I will do traditional lessons the week after next.  (oh the beauty of home school--learning is as flexible as life itself)  Yet they do indeed learn and do it well.

Now it is time to sit back and watch the May flowers grow, after all we had 19 days of rain in April and almost 8" worth. The river is touching my drive and one neighbor is already stuck behind the line as he did not get his truck out before his drive was impassable.