Monday, May 16, 2011

Had A Great Day

It was a day without any tremendous achievements but a day full of all it was meant to be.

I returned to the classroom and handled a full day of lessons with each girl. At the end of the day our specials was to work on our small single folder plant book. I know that there are many lessons as I look forward to the plants in science so this is just a tiny introduction.  They have a flowering plant that they cut out and the pot that I had found online.  Today I drew the Water Cycle on the board and we talked about how old the water is that they drank at lunch. They were amazed.  I had found an easy to color water cycle that we glued in the folder.  This is a work in progress and I am not sure just what I will put into the next part of the folder.  They enjoy making things and when it reinforces their lesson they feel very proud.

F has only 18 pages left in her math book but I must say that since I know the first 88 lessons will cover the same addition facts next year I have let her use the abacus often for the more complicated facts.  G did well today with the new material but got all flustered with having to problem solve some counting by two problems such as the number before and after 104 when counting by twos.  And suddenly, after all year know that the minute hands reads 30 when on the 6 she has become confused with the addition of 45 minutes.  She is in her last reader in the curriculum and read 32 pages today independently and was able to tell me about what she read with great understanding.

G has about 30 pages in language and phonic but she is doing several each day. F will not be finished w/ the phonic or readers before summer so when G has lessons in math F will need lessons in phonics/reading.  F is reading very well overall.  She is excited but gets confused with special blending sounds. F is a lazy learner, if it comes with work she tries to avoid it and refuse it. I always seem to find a way to encourage her to give it one try. Today she did some difficult reading but recalled all that she read.  I know she too will be a good reader but she works at it more just like G works at math more.

At least I know it is not my teaching techniques. 

My health note is simple, I continue to get better again. I am blessed indeed.