Sunday, May 15, 2011

I am having a bit of turmoil about the summer.  I know many homeschooling families take several breaks each year and actually have school year round. Still, I believe that overall that most families attend school in a more traditional form.

With that said I feel bad that G is not going to get a summer break.  So I was thinking that perhaps instead of no break at all I could create a summer math program that would be equivalent to a summer school. Only several weeks and only math but still a break that she can see an end point to. One thing that makes this hard for me personally is the fact that I am grandma. Mother wants the math book to be completed before she goes on to the next.  She understands that the next book will have lots of review but would rather skip that review since she will be basically doing math all summer and begin at what ever level she will test at.  As a teacher it makes sense but as a grandma I struggle.  Either way it is not really my decision. My job as a grannyteacher (my new made up compound word) is to support my daughter and their decision to home school.

OK big sigh!! If you have any thoughts about it please feel free to post a comment. I am open to all comments. 

It seems that I am on the mend from my recent flare and I intend to be in full grandma mode today. Girls are coming over for a play day here but unfortunately it has become cold and wet again. Crazy since it was 90 degrees last week.

Tomorrow I will work feverishly to push the girls to the end of the year. It is crazy, the books themselves do not have new info in them but more reinforcement work. I MUST GET DONE!!!