Friday, October 1, 2010

Bragging Rights

As I teach my grandchildren I try really hard to be realistic in their achievements.

Today however, I get bragging rights. Today F wrote her first name.  Not just sort-of but clearly able to read it as her name.  All 5 letters were clearly correct.  She will be 4yrs old in one month.  I can also brag on myself as well, I was inventive in how to teach her the letters rather than just tracing.  Of course, the glory goes to God who gives me such insight in how to teach her.

I will add that G is really working hard on her math addition drill facts and did great as I began speed drilling her as well.  I am old school there, she understands the concept but needs to memorize what she can to help her math in the future to be quicker than my methods of figuring.