Friday, October 8, 2010

How to teach about death and God's plan

Oh yes, that is the big issue that will face me next week.  The girls understood that great grandpa was older and ill when he went to heaven last January.  They understood that pets age faster and so they too go to heaven.  They even recently understood when our deer died after breaking her neck as she was spooked by a bobcat that wanted within her protected environment.  After all, Lacy (the deer), was a wild animal despite the fact that we fed her from a bottle, slept in our bed with her, and could love on her daily.  Lacy lacked understanding of the safe environment we gave her.

This evening, G and F, are learning the fate of their unborn baby.  I know they will be so very sad as they grieve with their parents this weekend. I also know that come Monday they will once again look to me to understand it, maybe a different answer will come from me is what I imagine them hoping. I do not have a different answer.  God apparently needed this little soul with Him now. 

I cannot give them a good answer why so many people with Antiphospholipid Syndrome continue to struggle with these losses when we know so much about the illness.  I cannot answer my daughter or her family as to why the AAPSA has not been able to change the world yet.  Medical science is clear but as a fairly new issue so many do not know about it or as physicians they are resistant to certain treatment options.

So here I can safely put these words out  there.  I can let them float in the Internet world in hopes that the more that is spoken about it then the more others will care about this issue.

Within the last several weeks the AAPSA has finally received their 501c3 status and is currently registering in every state.  Please, if you have someone you know with recurrent miscarriages, young stroke, young heart attack, clots in the lungs or extremities with no known cause--get them in contact with me.