Thursday, October 21, 2010

Seriousness? Was that me?

I just read my last post. I talked about getting back to the seriousness of school again after our loss. Immediately I said to myself; WOW that doesn't even sound like me.

I do think that learning is a serious matter but it surely is not something I portray to the kiddos. 

So as I try to gather the week and move onward I found that it is like going on vacation, takes a bit to kick into full gear afterwards. That reminds me, in the future when we take vacation I really should take their language book along and a math sheet at least. Then perhaps it will nto seem like such an effort to gather momentum again. So Monday as I said got going and then on Tuesday there was a field trip with the co-op to a pumpkin farm. The other thing that happened on T was their mother was present to participate in lessons. She was available on Wednesday as well. It is clearly something different that the girls were not sure how to conduct themselves.  They really were not the best student in her presence, but on Wednesday afternoon she was gone to the doctor and we made huge progress at that time.

Today is a productive day as well. F was so devoted to her learning to write today that it was a joy. G was dragging in the language book in the seatwork/copy work and it took her 4 times longer to do the assignment than was necessary. If I thought wrapping her legs like a mummy would help I am sure I could find some old sheet to tear apart.  G was so excited to see her sister's progress as well that she was distracted from doing her own work. 

Today we will get through her first reader and move on to the next book.  She is really looking forward to that.

Well that is all for this week, gotta run and get a book I ordered in from the library before I get side-tracked again.

Happy Schooling!!