Monday, October 18, 2010

I love when one single day is so successful!

Back to the seriousness of school for us today. Lots to get done as I feel we really had lost our momentum as life began to interfere.

G did a lot of reading today in her book and before the week is finished we will begin the next level book. F has enjoyed those itsy-bitsy mini booksthat I download from the Internet and completed another one today. G enjoys them as well and although they are not a challenge for her I find that they promote neat completion of a project which always has its place.

I am so excited to find the girls to be critical thinkers. As I began a science unit on the life cycle of a frog G was right on top of it. She gave it thought as I asked the question--why do you think a frog lays thousands of eggs-- her response after thought was correct and in terrific detail.

The core subjects today were smooth and quick and painless today.

When it was all completed we went to the neighbor's chicken coop to gather eggs for them today. 

WHAT a RICH and FULFILLING life GOD has given us.