Thursday, September 30, 2010

Crisp Fall Morning to discuss Our Country

We were outside on the back deck this morning when I opened the My Country, My World book. We had tickled the first pages of this book but no one was really interested. So I read it to them like it was a story and held the book to be viewed by the two of them.

So now they can identify their state of Illinois on the map.  We covered again our flag and its symbolism. We discussed one of the freedoms in the United States-- Freedom to Worship--  they were surprised to learn that there are places that the Bible cannot be read. They felt bad for the children in those places and wanted to send them a Bible. 

So we have begun our first citizenship lessons.  This too will be great and once again I began the day outside of the traditional studies which seems to prepare them to sit down and begin their work for the day.  Studies today were  productive and done very quickly today. 

Speed drills in math for G are clearly helping.  Tomorrow is the Lyceum again, they are looking forward to it.