Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Better than I expected.

I have stated before that due to the age of F I expected her to spend two years in the K curriculum, primarily due to her age appropriate motor skills although her intellectual skills are very high.

Well once again she  has demonstrated her ability when she really attempts something. She has excelled beyond my expectations in her manuscript writing all of a sudden. Not only in the accuracy of the letter formation but her uncanny ability to memorize as well. She is able to make 15 different letters without clue all of a sudden.

G is doing so well with her addition facts that today I told her we would begin subtraction as well. Grandpa assured her it was going to be simple for her since she is so bright and he gave one one quick word problem which she was able to answer.  She was immediately reassured and is eager to take it on today. 

So off we go, to another joyful day that has been given to us.