Friday, October 8, 2010

"Chalkboard Math"

I learn more and more from these girls each day.  It seems that a few days back I sat next to the chalkboard and did some math with G. I was trying to convince her that math is a magical, perfect science with consistently consistent responses.  I was showing her how perfect God understands everything as he made numbers and the many different, challenging methods of coming to the same conclusion. I told her that is part of His plan, to stimulate our minds and not be idle.

She really took well to that lesson and the following days I wanted her take what wonderment she had found and begin placing it in her workbook as well. I had hoped that there would be an eager response and not dragging her feet as she did the work.

Well, to my surprise she asked if we could do "chalkboard math" instead.  She declared it more fun and easy to understand.  So I gave it a shot and WOW she really made some advancements. The next day she asked the same thing, of course the perfect reason to home school is to teach them individually, in their own style of  learning.

So without her knowledge I now review the next pages in the book and created them with a magical flare, encouraging a love for numbers and their expected outcomes.  (I fake it really good, as I always disliked math-but know that I do not want that for her)

May I suggest that if you have the same dragging feet issue when the math book is open--try teaching with it closed.