Saturday, October 16, 2010

Faithful to keeping the blog updated, little to say

This week was not a big learning week in the academic setting. The girls were shuffled all week from my home to my mother's home and back. At the end of the week things were finally settling down and their parents were thrilled to be with them.

Lessons learned this week from G was that a group of girls, running wild in a building, does not seem like an activity worth devoting her time to. Her experience with girl scouts so far has not left her with a lasting impression-only a tired headache at the end of the meeting.

Both girls did have some life lessons that came their way. I answered their questions as completely as I could about the loss of the baby. At the beginning of the week they told everyone they saw, and with sad expression that their baby died.  By the end of the week they were only sharing it with a few people at a time that it seemed was right that their mom's baby died. In the beginning they wanted to talk about it, now it is just a statement in passing. 

Children do indeed rebound quickly. They found four kittens in our garage from a litter that was thought to have perished by some wild critters in our woods. Both were so excited at the new lives that they were touching.  They asked which cat (barn cats) was the mother. I suggested they think it out and try to decide which cat was the mother. FINALLY, they had picked up each cat and discovered the one that was nursing. AH HA  it was Tiger Kitty!!  Some lessons are just to natural when living out here in the country.

Chickens are laying eggs finally as well, so big day coming Monday when the girls get to begin gathering the neighbors eggs again.  Again, natural learning this week--grab the chicken and turn them upside down--or you will be clawed. 

G began with a 4H Clover-bud group as well.  The verdict is still out on that one as it meets directly after the Lyceum and indeed she was tired but by the time the meeting was over we did not leave the church (where we have Lyceum) until 5pm and with the added "rush hour" traffic we did not get home until a little after 6pm. It meant that the girls did not get to their parents until nearly 6:30. Although that was good this week, on other weeks their mom is usually eager to have them after she is off of work so she can begin spending her weekend time off with them. More to consider before we make an absolute decision on this.

In the academic world we spent lots of time in car with verbal review of addition facts, phonics rules and story telling.  Their story telling skills are really improving, and G has a great imagination that she is teaching to F. I call F my little copy cat but I like her copying G in some matters.

Well, I said there was not much to say but I rambled on anyway. Next week there will be lots of progress.  Girls asked for some crafts and to learn about dinosaurs. I did a neat little bat craft one evening when they slept here and I have found a lap-book unit study about dinosaurs that we will begin once the books come in from the library.