Friday, October 29, 2010

Another end to the week has arrived...

and so I reflect on the quality and the quantity of work that has been accomplished this week. I must say that G is coming along great in her studies, I am especially proud of the effort she is putting into (finally) her cursive writing.  She was so resistant at first but now that she if connecting those letters and cursive writing words she is thrilled. Of course my little Miss CopyCat, F, mimics almost everything G does. In her mimicking she is taking her manuscript writing very seriously and paying close attention to it.  I must say that the A Beka method to writing creates neat penmanship from the very beginning. While G stays in the  "upstairs and downstairs and basement levels" in cursive her print work is still large and sloppy. I am of course encouraging her but she learned that skill from her Kindergarten teacher. 

G is excited to be in her new reading level book and she is doing so well. This book takes reading from the ability to read to comprehension level. So far she has understood all of the information that she has read.  She is so very proud of herself.  She has also made some great strides in math concepts this week.  We were doing so good on Wednesday that we spend a huge amount of time on the subject. 

F has also done well, in my eyes at least.  She knows the sounds the the letters make but has a hard time hearing anything besides the beginning sound. This week I noticed that she really caught the middle vowels correctly.  We can finally go forward in her Letters and Sounds book.  She too once again in mimic of sister, spent a lot of time on math skills and did great.  I think that as we teach sister to memorize some facts she will be doing the same, which will make it easier on me when we reach that level of school with her.

As a group project this week we completed a book about pumpkins, it had the life cycle of a pumpkin, a maze, create a jack-o-lantern page and some fun facts about the pumpkin.  It is of course shaped as a pumpkin as well.

I will add that F has turned 4yrs old this week.  She moved to her big girl bed last night (she is very tiny thing and could have waited a few more years I am sure).  Now that she is 4yrs old she really thinks she knows it all.  She never hit the terrible twos but I feel the frantic fours upon us.