Monday, November 1, 2010

I Evaluated My Processes and Now I Have Bigger Plans

Today is the first day of November.  I feel the Thanksgiving Holiday coming on so I want to teach more about it, UNTIL, I recall that G learned a lot last year and F is a bit to young to expect her to recall anything significant. Therefore, I will plan to only focus this year on being THANKFUL. I will created with each child a calendar where they will do 24 days of "things I am thankful for", it is likely as I type this that I can make this a lapbook project even. 

Also this month I am going to break the wild idea that the girls have of Indians being wild savages. I do not know why they think this, they do not see this on television, they do not even have television in their home. I found a nice unit study at HAnds of A Child that I am going to use. I am going to walk in our own woods along the river bank and imagine what it would be like to be a Native American on the land we live.  We will also take a trip to Cahokia Mounds once again when I know they can view them in a different light.

So here they come to learn and I must go. Wish me luck.