Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Springtime Snowfall

It seems that we are no different than much of the Midwest and the New England States. Five days into spring and our area was hit with a beautiful, heavy wet snowfall.  Only fifteen minutes north of us there was seven inches and a tad bit further northwest was twelve inches in just twenty-four hours.  I know that others have more than this but it was a nice farewell to the winter season.

Today we completed our KTM activities which included map skills and art this week. Grace completed a beautiful project that included the use of crayons to a project then applying baby oil to the back of it. When it was completed she had a great Easter art project that looked like stained glass. Faith began doing a mosaic art project with simple scraps of paper but she it doing it all on her own.  The snow was calling her name however and she tells me that she will finish it tomorrow.

When the evening began and the girls were gone the Great Danes were afraid of the multiple snow men that ended up in the yard.  When tomorrow comes we will once again attend archery lessons and on Wednesday we will go to a field trip conducted at The Nature Institute. The theme for this one will be "dynamic duos" as we explore symbiotic relationships.  Plans for Good Friday will include an Easter Egg Hunt at the Nature Institute as well. 
My own health has been a continuing issue but I continue to get stronger. Still, I am unsure that I will return to the state of health that I was in prior to the last flare that placed me in the hospital.  I was unable to participate in the snow play but enjoyed the view from the front window.  It is not like me to avoid days like today. I try not to complain about it as I am so grateful for the days I am given.  My vision is a huge issue since I became sick again and I look forward to the ophthalmologist appointment.  It is hard to function with double vision but then again, I have had worse double vision than this in the past. The difference is, this time it is rather persistent.
The schedule next week is simplified. Except for our archery instruction, the week will be spent in the classroom. I would hope the weather begins to break in a few days and we can do some planting next week.
As always, I am excited to be homeschooling. Grace met a girl that she is eager to strike up a friendship with soon.  She has been at several activities lately and is eager to have weather that we can meet up and play from time to time.  The best part of this is that she does not live as far away and many others she has met.  I do not know if they are new to the area or just recently connecting with the group of folks we tend to hang with. 
I do believe that this enough for today. I hope your week is blessed and that you find time to rejoice in the Easter Season.