Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.....

I recall Mr. Toad and his wild ride.  The title tends to fit the wild ride our family has been on.  In just the past four weeks I have been hospitalized and a slower than desired recovery, my mother (Grace and Faith's great-grandmother) then was hospitalized the following day and Kelley (their mom) needed some minor surgery but had to be put to sleep for it and had several days that she could not do much.

Education is never on the back burner however in a homeschooler's house.  Every opportunity possible small steps were taken that the girls continued to learn.  We have completed a long lesson plan about Australia and tomorrow they will also be able to present their project at a Geography Fair.  They are prepared and I will post pictures of the event. 

Their project board looks nice and they also have an Emu egg to sit on the table, their own original rock art to place on the table, and they each have a real didgeridoo to play as part of their presentation.  We will spend tomorrow preparing an Australian desert called Lamingtons for others to sample as well.  The also each did some dot art but that is on their display board.  I must say that they learned a lot that cannot possibly be put on display.

We are once again graphing our lion vs. lamb weather on a chart.  I think it may become a tradition at our school.  Faith has decided to stay forever in first grade.  I am not sure how that will work but I am sure I can give her second grade work and tell her she is in first grade all the way to high school.  She is such a funny child. 

On a personal note I am liberated by dancing to my own music in the homeschool world. So much has opened up to the girls with group activities once I do not limit myself to one single group that does not really fit our needs or values.  Let me tell you what they have done this past two months.

They have participated in several lessons that are prepared for the group at the Audubon Society at the Riverlands in West Alton, MO.  The lessons are spectacular and fun.  They have attended 3 classes at the Nature Institute in Godfrey, IL and have another one next week.  They are attending their St. Louis Zoo Homeschool Classes and have another one next week. They participated in the Civil War Homeschool Day at the St. Louis History Museum. They have archery lessons with a group of 18 other homeschooled children on Tuesday mornings and we have begun going out to lunch with some.  While we wait for the food I am teaching the children to play some card games while the mothers visit. Last week we had two of those trips back to back so we stayed in a hotel for the night and used the pool.  (It was easier for me since I have been ill to do that instead of trying to take the long drive back and forth).  It was a great way to treat cabin fever as well.  They have special class in two days as part of the Missouri Botanical Garden's outreach program called Butterfly Class but it will include other insects, craft time and experiments.  Then next week there is another special program they will attend by the local storm chasers.  They will learn about Weather Safety and extreme weather as well and do some experiments and get the opportunity to visit the storm chaser vehicles and  the equipment.

It is difficult to get in "regular learning" sometimes.  I feel spring just around the corner but we have had some level of snow or ice for weeks now.  My daffodils bloomed last week but got covered with snow.  Not having the energy to do anything about it I just let nature do what it does. 

On a final note: Girl Scout Cookies have arrived and I am so thankful that I had lots of help to get them all loaded, and unloaded, the divided for each girl. Most of all I am thankful that I do not have any cookies to deliver and I defer that tasks to parents.  Now to gather the money in two weeks, pay the bill and be finished with that stress for another year.  My troop did well, they will have a profit of almost $600 to use over the next twelve months.  I know that sounds like a lot but it will likely barely be enough and to do a program that I would like to do it will put a dent only.  Fortunately, I had all ready purchased the basic needs items myself.