Friday, March 8, 2013

Geography Fair- Their country: Australia

Grace introduces herself and her sister. She then tells the audience of about 60-80 people that they had spend their Mondays learning about Australia. They cannot show everything they learned but here are some of their favorite things.

This girl has come SOoooo far.  It has taken use three years to get back the child that we rescued from the public school system (after only one year there).  She was happy and not frightened at all to make the presentation.

Showing Ayers Rock and Alice Springs

 Grace tells about a photo she found on the Internet. It is a picture of the Great Barrier Reef from a space satellite.
 Displays her rock art.
 Here Faith explains dot art and the art she did.
 Faith explains about the didgeridoo.
She tells them how it is made, who would use it and that to make music with it you blow raspberries with your lips, like this.....
Finally, they end with a demonstration of the didgeridoo.
It was a great night and all the children did so well telling about what they had learned. They took a lot of pride in their display.  Of course, in homeschool there are no funds for awards like they give in the public school but it does keep all on an even field when it is all said and done. 
Interesting that Faith was not as outgoing and bubbly as she usually is when she faces such a large audience but she did very well as she told her portion of the presentation.
Not sure what we will do on our KTM now that the Australia project is completed.  Maybe some science experiments and some gardening skills.  Yes, that sounds like the plan!