Saturday, March 23, 2013

Division introduced

How can it be?  Grace struggles so much in math. She understands the concepts and does well but as I have said one million times, she does not memorized well.  She learns.  So today was the first lesson about division and she moved through it as if she was slicing butter with a warm knife.  I actually think she enjoyed it.  If she could just get things memorized better math would be so much better.  She has it in her head that math is horrible and the moment the book is open I find the need to keep putting her face back into the book.

Other items for the week, include the fact that Faith did begin the second grade Language book and is on page 6. She began two days ago.  She is finished with a lesson so quick at this point that she wants to do more.  The beginning of a book is review anyway with the expectation that one would have taken a summer break.  As soon as Faith began her new book Grace requested to see her next level language as well.  Glad I had it here for her to see.  I am certain she intends to move on win a couple or weeks.

Grace is enjoying her history and health lessons.  Seems she is interested in dentistry. She does not realize it yet but has been excelling in this lesson.  Her recall of history is amazing and she is asking for history class every day.

Faith on the other hand is not so interested but I still believe that comes with her actual age. She has no real concept of time frame well but she does tell me things like, "the did that way back in the 50s when you were little".  FOR the record, I was not alive in the 50s.

As usual, this is the best choice for us.  I enjoy the challenge and process and they are learning tons.  TTFN