Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sleeping in the hay loft

We went to a friend's stable to witness the birth of her newest foal.  The hay was stacked high enough that we could look into the stall, be laid blankets out and my friend was a perfect hostess. 

As it turned out, we had to stay for two nights to witness the event. Finally, we were able to rejoice!
I cannot say it enough, when you homeschool you have the freedom to take on learning opportunities that would otherwise be missed.  The foal had immediate contact with humans and the girls had to be disturbed in a deep sleep.  The first night they were up late. During the day they played hard on the farm.  In true form the foal arrived a few minutes after midnight and they were exhausted.  The good part is they missed the "worst" part and got to see the very end of the process.  They called her Jasmine but of course she was not going to be our horse.