Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Seeking to slow it down

So last night I was going to slow it down. I did slow the pace but still pack the day and did not get the important tasks completed.

We had planned to take an Easter break beginning Thursday but took today off of school instead. We will do classes again on Wednesday and Thursday.  So why did we take the day off?  I needed G to look at the options I had for her birthday gift.  K(mom) really wanted me to get her a swing set.  Grandpa Roger did not agree with this as he felt that it was then a gift for the entire family and not something special for G.  When I spoke w/ G about a possible swing set she did not seem excited at all but gently told me that she will be happy with anything I give her. In her sweet little girl voice she encouraged me to get her whatever I wanted that I thought she would like.  OH yes, sweet but passive aggressive in a way. I know they could sure use some play items for their new backyard which is vastly empty. No trees to hang in or climb, no stream to play around. Much different from their daily activities at my house when I was providing childcare as well and both parents worked.
Off track am I?  SO Roger and I were out and he saw a teeter-totter that was a shape of an airplane. Sure it too was toy for the entire family but it was uniquely G's first.  Not sure what she thought of it I took her to the farm store today and she went gaga over it before she even knew we were willing to make the purchase.  Now for her surprise gift she will receive the entire collection of the Magic Tree House book collection.

Then we went to the afternoon movie of RIO together, G and F along with K and myself.  It was a calm afternoon.  Now we await storms tonight, tornado already a bit north this evening and storm chasers are around. I am home and headed to the front porch.  I live in the holler so I do not get to see much of the storm as it comes in,  only feel its breeze and enjoy the smell. 

Here is a recent picture of the girls settling in to begin class one morning.  Well we still call 10AM the morning but we do not typically begin class until then.