Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My accounting of a Spring day

Today is a great day overall. G received a letter from her pen pal so she was very excited. She is eager to write back.  The sun is wonderful and so very warm on my skin. It seems to be warming  me to by bone and finally I am melted.  Lots of April showers are in our forecast.
Chickens are laying well but  I need a new wheel barrel and get the coup cleaned out. I cannot imagine our wheel barrel broke  I refuse to cut grass until after Easter. It is a tried and true tradition for me, however, this year Easter will be at the girls home instead so I may break down and cut the yard.
Classes went well today and I see that soon we will begin soon get to a new level of math with G.  We will complete our 176 days of required attendance on May 19th but have slated our last day for May 31st. We will however not get through all of math with G or have F at the level we would like her in reading.  With that said we will continue each class all summer in their weaker areas.  Yes, F is young but all the rest of her work will be at the First Grade level so why not keep developing her reading skills to the level we desire also.  Then again she will not be lower level if we stop but she likes to "play school" during sister's lesson time.

Today G did very well in her math and it looks like it is beginning to click, as long as we stop before she gets too tired of it.  I find that sometimes I extend that class time to get in more information but have also learned that she  does not learn the information when the class is too long. It seems to take a lot of concentration for G to get her math completed and to extend the lesson time defeats her progress.

I am off, heading back out to the sun.