Monday, April 25, 2011

No more seeds for you!!!

Due to our unexpected break prior to Easter we hit the books today. It was just me again to teach the girls. I really enjoy it when I do not have K's voice doing a different lesson in the background but I also missed her presence as it was of course twice the effort on my end. The girls each get a great one on one attention when we both teach.  I do not know anyone who gets to team teach in their home like we do, which means that the teacher in each home has to work that much harder and plan so much more than I do. 

I must say that it worked out well since G is a pretty independent learning in all subjects but math.  I spent a brief period going over the directions with her and gave her several pages to complete. She did so with total independence and without an error.  I had not really prepared for the day either so tomorrow will be better.

We have had a strange thing happen with our planting experiments. The girls planted sunflower seeds in a pot during their 4H Clover bud meeting.  G's came up just exactly as expected. It was a text book picture. F's began to come up but one seemed to stop. The other seen began to grow as a loop with both ends buried in the dirt until suddenly the one popped up but is tall and weak.  Then there are the beans they planted in the Ziploc bags to observe. G's is once again a text book project with the roots turning downward then the stem going up and finally today it has leaves reaching to the top of the bag and a strong root system.  HOWEVER that is not the story for F's bean. Initially the root began to emerge but then as the sprout was coming the entire thing got mixed up and it is wrapped around itself not sure where to go. It is as large as G's but is in one big ball with roots twisting all around and the green leaves looped downward.  We have joked that F is a little demon sometimes and I held back all the jokes so as to not discourage her and we found a long moment to laugh at both of her plants.  We also told her that she was only going to be permitted to pull weeds from the garden this year as we need that food for our bellies not for the grubs and critters that live underground. 

I have been very busy today as I manage two households right now.  I hope to help keep things flowing well in both homes. M  is working evening shift this week but I still have to be there in the morning or F would not be able to learn in the afternoon as well.

We have had massive storms around here for the past four days. Several tornadoes in the area as well with lots of damage. It even shut down the St. Louis Airport.  My eye is on the river as it rises and think it may be an impassable road to the house soon.

So much to say but no umpf to get it done so I will say good night.