Monday, April 18, 2011

The entire past six weeks in a nutshell

The title may say more than I can recall in one post. It seems that March was very busy for us and it has not slowed down until tomorrow.  At least that is my plan, after tonight I am going to find the slower part of me and take slower more deliberate strides.

Now that is a laugh!

We did a great project during March that we called LION OR LAMB.  Each day we marked on the graph that we put on the wall and had some early spring weather observation. It was such a huge success that we are now graphing rain and dry days and calling it our APRIL SHOWERS graph.  Now I must be honest. We have been out of the traditional classroom so much this month that the poor graph is looking pitiful. I must say that the girls really enjoyed it.

Tomorrow I have already told them that we are going to be back in the classroom where all of our visual aides are kept and have a terrific lesson day.  I recall as a child thinking that we did not finish all of our book when the end of the year came.  I was puzzled by that but find that will be the case in our school as well.  So I glanced into the books for the next grade level and we will be fine.

So what have we been doing?  Our week was cut short one day for the past ten weeks while we participated in our Master's Lyceum.  It is an enrichment program offered by the co-op group we participate with.  I taught two classes and helped in one.  Then entire day consisted of four classes for each child.  It was time consuming to prepare for the classes as well so much suffered around my own home. 

We took a great field trip that was all about math.  On our way home G asked when we were going to go to the "math place".  When we told her we just spent three hours at our math field trip she replied..."that wasn't math, that was fun"  TaDa...success!!!!!

We got a classroom bunny but it suddenly became ill and passed.  I have replace it but it does not yet have the same friendly disposition as the other one.

G has a pen pal who is also home schooled and she was excited to get another letter from her.  She has sent one back as well.  It is good practice for her to keep this up, and they may even find a friendship in it sometime.

G has many girl scout events this past month as well.

F has really taken off in her reading skills.  She is not fast but she is accurate and enjoying it.  We are beginning some special sounds in phonics.  I do expect her to be officially a first grader next year.  I had planned on spending two years on it but she is ready to go on, even at the age of 4.

I know I am a grandmother here but the girls are very bright and I hope to provide them oil for their lamps for many years to come.  It has become late here so I cannot even try to catch up, just move on from here.

MawMaw Jean--I hope you find this site easy to work with.