Friday, April 22, 2011

Praying for the baby to hang on!

I am a real person with real day to day struggles just like you.  Sometimes we have more joyous times and other times the struggle goes on and on feeling as an endless pit.

As I face this holiday season I reflect upon what the Lord did for me.  Besides being the Son of God, He was a man of free will just as you and I. He obeyed His Father's commands and I am sure both God and Jesus were heartbroken for a moment in time. 

My sins are washed away and I try to be faithful to God and put my trust only in Him.

I am doing so this week.  K is expecting another child in early December but has had a difficult time maintaining viable babies. He last angel was delivered directly into the hand of the Lord last October.

With that said, we have taken the entire week off from school and called it Spring Break but the reality was that we have been at the hospital and doctors offices again. K will maintain bed rest for at least the next seven weeks. She has developed a small separation of the placenta although we have seen our new souls hear beating we are concerned. I put it into God's hands but find that I slip back to worry still.  I found a great peace last night and hope to keep that position in my spirit.

Easter will be different as we do this around a mommy who stays in bed.  Gee, when she was on bed rest for the last 11wks with G --I pulled her bed into the living room.

In the meantime I will figure out how to manage both homes for a little while. He only gives me what He knows I can do.  Now I must convince myself of the same.