Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wondering if this is my idea or His

I am a very blessed woman. I have been a nurse for a very long  time.  We have been married a long time.  I have survive deadly illness events.  I have wonderful children and grandchildren.  I live a comfortable life.

Ah-Ha.  That is my issue. Generally, to be honest, I do not wonder if I will be able to feed the family, shelter us, etc...  But like many right now my budget is really tight.  So as I try to make this homeschooling idea real I keep running into obstacles.  I know enough to let things happen naturally, that if you keep trying to overcome obstacles that are placed in front of you then it is possible you are circumventing what the Lord has in store for you.

I had shelves given to me, recently desks provided and found some great items at the resale shop that are learning activity games.  I discussed with my hubby a few items that I do not seeing used much at our shop we run so now I have a huge white board for the room.  In the attic I found an activity table so we do not ruin my kitchen table.  Yes, each time a cost item comes up it has been provided.

Then time is coming upon us and we still cannot afford any real curriculum, and the parents wanted to use Calvert.  I do too.  It is just not going to happen so I am going to have to work harder and wiser to make daily learning activities. I found a lot of course on the Internet but still no TEXT BOOK learning.

UNTIL NOW.  Yesterday a friend and I were talking on the telephone and being a friend I shared my woes.  While we spoke she suddenly asked for my mailing address and then told me it was done.  I asked, "what was done"  She just mailed me her K and First Grade A Beka items. 

So the answer to the topic heading is that this is what He wants me to do.  It keeps coming naturally to us and I am so blessed by His ways.