Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Books Are Arriving

It is a big day in our house today.  The girls are so excited as some of the books came yesterday and another shipment just arrived. 

These are the books a friend has donated to use.  So it looks like we will us A Beka and not Calvert after all.  I have looked at the books and I like them well enough but now I will have to make some lesson plans.

I know I am blessed to have such a gift given to us.  Being human I am still regretting not being able to use the Calvert program.  It will take extra effort to make up the daily lesson plans.  I can do it but fear that it will use up a few of my spoons (google spoon theory).  If I use my spoons to quickly it will effect what energy I have left during our instruction time. 

I find that I am sounding selfish but I have learned a little selfishness with my health issues actually allows me to be more giving where it matters. 

I am thankful for the gifts that have been given and will use them with joy.  The girls are THRILLED to page through their new books.