Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ramblings that began with a purpose but got lost in the ramble

CAN WE BEGIN SCHOOL TODAY?  That was one of the first questions this morning from both of the girls.  They are eager and ready.  I am eager but not ready. 

Last week we went to my local library to get a book, of course.  My community library is very sad, right down to the displaying the American Flag incorrectly.  The library in the girls community is only 12 minutes down the road and has so much to offer in contrast. They are from the same Shawnee System and of course I can always requests books to come in, but entering a small child's room with old books, torn pages and such was terrible. 

I had thought that a weekly library trip would be enough to keep these eager to learn girls satisfied. I was wrong. They are so eager for some real school. 

I am already reviewing with G but that is not enough.  F is like a little sponge soaking in everything G learns.  I have many items here for them to go though but our curriculum is not here.  I still have to finish the classroom.  I know I could use our kitchen table but just do not want to do that.  I am a structured person and want them to feel that structure in class and not outside of it.  If I use the kitchen I will loose my structured efforts.  Sure, many do use their kitchen but I am choosing not to do that.  As I read what is written it seems that I am not going to be open minded in a typical home school environment. Perhaps I am wrong, perhaps everyone is firmly structured during lesson times.  I know that I will be flexible and not waste time on topics mastered even if the lesson plan has several more weeks of it. 

If you recall I we are going to use Calvert Curriculum which comes with lesson plans.  I am slow to be make progress in the room remodel but felt that I had until September to be finished.

Final decision is that I may begin sooner if all items are ready but for now I will review with G.  F is going to wait for Kindergarten curriculum until she has give the attention needed consistently but I am sure we will begin right after her 4th birthday.  Until then she learns through play and sisterly-osmosis.