Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Computer built for our classroom

My husband (kiddos grandfather) has taken several computers from out business that have been less than perfect in their functioning and built a new computer.  Now our classroom will have a dedicated computer only for our home-school experience.

We could have used my home computer fine but to be honest my computer is usually surrounded by other items like my bills or genealogy research and soon my own course work as well. 

So this is a huge money saver for me.  To put a little icing on the cake he also purchased from another business that is closing a large screen, wireless keyboard and wireless mouse that he has working with the class computer.  The more good news I get the more confident I am in this choice.

I must begin cleaning out the school house and prepare to do some painting and ceiling scrubbing.  The ceiling is all wood and high pitched so this will be a huge undertaking for this grandmother.  I think I may enlist M to help with it as he is the father of G and F which makes him young, healthy and free labor.