Sunday, July 18, 2010

Donation of School Desks

Talk about your blessings!!!!  As I take these first steps towards homeschooling I have come to terms that the initial set up, like any other project one would take on, has its financial sacrifices.

As I said several days the plans have changed from the smaller bedroom to a larger building we have connected to the back deck.  I know we could just use tables just as I know we could use our kitchen space as well.  But, the girls have become excited and of course would like their own desk space.

I had decided which ones would best fit our pocket-book as well as our needs.  I have decided now to toss that idea out as a friend has several "old fashion desk" as she calls them which will fit our current needs wonderfully with the added bonus of easing the costs.

I continue to feel giddy about each new step that is taken.