Wednesday, April 3, 2013

You must have a sense of humor!

It is determined that to be part of our school one must have a sense of humor. Joy and laughter fills the air much of the day.  Sure, we have an occasional outburst of frustration but I never hear  "I can't" as that was a rule in the beginning.  The nice weather this week has created a learning challenge. Like much of the United States our winter has been very long. We have warm days but still have nights that have temps below freezing. 

I love how the warmth of 55 degrees feels nice in spring but bitter in fall.  Faith took on the challenge of a bike that was too big for her. She is not good with the smaller one that has training wheels. Still, she was certain she could do it but got a huge injury along her belly. It looks like it hurts really bad today but she assures me that the sunshine is good for what ails her. 

They let April 1st come and go without any pranks. I have nothing wonderful to post but to say that we are enjoying each other very much and learning tons. Now, to go sit in the sun and do some math.