Thursday, April 4, 2013

These nice days are difficult!!!

I am making this post in an effort to avoid screaming. Each girl is busy with their own work but they keep talking, getting up an walking around and terribly distracted with sunny days.  OH my gosh in the moment that I typed that sentence I was interrupted six times.  I am letting them sink themselves. They will be disappointed when it takes them so long to do one lesson and they have to face another subject. Somehow, and I don't know why, but they think they are only going to do math today. 

So sometimes the lessons are more about self learning and self control than the product of a problem.  I hear Faith singing songs to herself. Her math lesson should have been completed at least 20 minutes ago. But I am not going to pull my hair out. I am going to let the rain come later today and see the faces that could have been outside.  I let them have a lot of outside time yesterday and actually did not do any math.  In hindsight maybe that is a bad idea and I created this today.  I think I will let them own their choices.  I will just distract myself so I do not get frustrated with the choices they are making. to get the next lessons ready.  Hope you have a good day.... on a final note...Faith just came to sharpen her pencil for the third time.  UGH!