Saturday, April 13, 2013


The braces are finally in for Owen. It amazes me how simple they make them compared to my generation. People had huge, noisy things when I was a child.  Here are Owen's feet with his braces on. Getting the shoes for the braces was not an easy task for us.  We needed to travel 40 miles to get to a place that actually sells good children's shoes. The local store that sold Stride Rite closed in our mall and so Kelley ordered some from Dillards.  The next day they let her know that they no longer carry the product she sold.  Going to a cheap shoe store was not the answer and the local sport shoe stores did not fit the need either.  So we went to the Galleria Mall in Brentwood (a St. Louis sub) and found what he needed.

His shoes then go over the braces. He also is enjoying a
container of coconut milk.