Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Blogging as a business

When I first began reading homeschool blogs there was a plethora of information that I found helpful. Perhaps that is different now because I am not new. I do not think that is the case however.  I was never insecure about homeschooling or my ability to do it.  I was indeed looking for some ideas to enhance the experience. But in just three years there seems to be a huge trend. People offer "freebies" on their site but to register to win or get so many of those items you have to take multiple steps that require sharing your information with many.  If forces you to "like" things that you normally would not take the time to look at or consider valuable to your time. 

The business of blogging is really limiting the quality of information that I receive. I considered getting linked to some of those sites that are boosting their income but then I would have to censor the information that I would want to talk about from time to time.  I have considered writing reviews but think that I would not get much business when I say things like "enjoyed the material but it was not unique or creative from other things I have seen in the past".  So, you can see why blogging as a business is not likely the right thing for me.

Unfortunately, it is not the right thing for many. I no longer find unique and creative information on homeschooling blogs.  I hope to see that change again soon.

This week has been riddled with reasons not to teach. Monday my mother had to see her doctors and Grace and Owen needed to see the doctor. Today, Grace was unable to attend lessons as the dizziness from an ear infection has feeling horrible and my mother developed another medical issue that I had to attend to so Faith missed lessons.

This evening we had a great girl scout meeting and Faith is staying the night so that  we don't have anything to interfere with our ability tomorrow.  Faith believes that we will stay up as late as we want tonight and she tells me that tomorrow we will let the "chips fall as they may".  We call her little wit a FAITHISM.  Our entire family has several of them we have committed to memory. 

So in part we failed with being good homeschoolers this week but at the same time we succeeded as that is the beauty of this environment.

God Bless!