Friday, April 26, 2013

I Have Grown in this Process

The past several months we have had so much activities to participate in that it has really been a challenge to get all of our "regular schooling" completed.  Each activity has been a valuable learning experience.  Some has been planned and some just becomes so natural and spontaneous.  I cannot imagine being any different kind of grandmother.

I am often surprised at how different I must be.  For instance, there are times that I am with people and find it necessary to correct the children's behavior.  People will speak up and tell me that it must be difficult to not spoil the girls.  I laugh out loud every time.  What makes a person think that just because I am not a "granny" style that I am not able to spoil them.  I can expect proper conduct, go places without whining and hearing the "I wants" and still spoil them.  They are showered with affection several times per day. They are praised constantly for their excellent school work. I can be the disciplinarian and the grandmother and the teacher all wrapped into one package.  I have come to see that as a well rounded individual.  I can't imagine somebody else teaching them.

I teach them about more than just book knowledge. I teach them about human nature, personalities, diversity, and life skills as well.  Can you imagine how hard it would be for a teacher, with 20 students in a room, to lean over each one several times a day and tell them how wonder they are doing?  My students get that each day. Sometimes they get that several times in just one lesson, which is about 30 minutes on average.  Can you imagine seeing the daily advancements, even the tiniest ones that often go unnoticed when you are just part of the crowd.

Several days ago my youngest grandson was here. He is 5 months old.  He had an orange triangle block in his right hand.  I offered him the yellow circle and he looked at it.  Reached for it. Wait! His hand was full. In a slow manner with awkward motor skills the orange triangle ended up in his left hand. His mother was holding him this entire time and watching him. He then reached for the yellow circle and had both. His mother chuckled but being a new mom with a  first child had not realized what had just taken place.  SEE!  That is why I am a great granny teacher.  I was in tune enough to recognized the subtle development that he had just demonstrated.  That is a skill I did not have as a mother.  It is a skill I developed since teaching Grace and Faith.  I have come to look for subtle things like that without even thinking about it. It has become second nature for me.  I know, it sounds like I am tooting my own horn. 

I am not trying to do that.  I am trying to let you know that as you take the time, demonstrate patience of a grandmother along with the discipline of a parent then you will become well rounded. If you are well rounded then you will guide your children to that point as well. As you develop yourself as your child's teacher you will begin to witness the subtle things that are accomplished every day.

Because people tend to look at my blog more when I post a picture, I am going to post one below.  It is of the tree kangaroo at the St. Louis Children's Zoo.  It usually just lays there when we visit because it is nocturnal.  But it had a baby this year and had to be up during the day.

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  1. Sounds like some grandchildren have one special GRANDMOTER. :wink:


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