Sunday, April 7, 2013

Introducing Our New Little Learner

I have updated our title to reflect that we no longer just teach G and F.  Owen has been added to the learning equation. Of course, his lessons are part of regular play but we play purposefully. 

Owen has had a difficult path in this life so far. With much prayer and medical intervention he managed to wait until about 36 weeks to arrive. He did not thrive initially and we discovered some medical issues which we could not fix. It would require surgery if his heart vessels did not grow more as he grew and if his double aortic arch did not shift as his body and heart grew. God intervened and this is indeed improving. He then began having seizures. His first observed one was while he was on my lap one day.  I do not know if that was the very first one or just the fact that he did it with me and I am more aware of what a small seizure looks like since I am a nurse. Either way, his seizure activity has increased as he gets older.

He has been slow to crawl and walk. My daughter had attempted to get the attention of the doctors about his cephalic-caudal development. FINALLY, they have decided that it is not his foot that is turned in but his femur that in angled poorly.  He will get his braces this week and has begun physical therapy.  To facilitate this post I am not going too deep into his issues. He seems to be alert to things and understands well but does not yet communicate his needs much.  I am familiar with the learning needs of a child with special language needs, as my daughter had experienced an anoxic brain injury following a reaction to the pertussis vaccine.  He enjoys large picture books and does a great job mimicking sounds as I speak.  I understand much of what he says but so far it does not include a lot of mouth/tongue movement.  I do not doubt that he will need a little extra help with in the future but can see he is mechanically inclined already and very curious. 

I often think that Owen is the real reason we began homeschooling three years ago. We didn't even know his soul but God did. If I can get this with the girls then certainly we can teach Owen as well.  I have the girls to practice with so that I am better prepared for Owen.  I am certain that the  A Beka   program will be great to teach him with as well.