Sunday, October 30, 2011

"break" is over

Oh my gosh, it has been an unbelievable busy month. It was a struggle to get lessons in as there was so much happening then the household became ill, baby O tried to come early and a million other little things that slowed us down until finally we came to a halt.

Tomorrow, Halloween, is F's 5th birthday.  We consider birthdays as holidays and do not have lessons.  That will not be the situation this time. The girls agree that we need to skip the holiday and get some real lessons done. Not the KTM program either but get some other work done. They also want to cut our winter break that is planned short and not take a break when baby O arrives. 

So here I sit thinking about our lessons that need to get done. I know that each time we have a period of time that we slow down it is hard to get moving in the right direction again.  This time we had to halt so I hope they settle into getting some work completed and some traditional lessons done.

Of course, life lessons keep moving along even during a work stoppage. I have lots of great seasonal craft ideas but am afraid we will not get to them as I want to get further along in our lesson plans. 

Today we will bring in another rescue Great Dane into our home. We plan to keep him but he has some serious behavior issues and may not be adoptable to others.  It is my hope that I am able to turn this Dane around. I have not found one yet that I cannot return to his greatest majestic stature.  Yes, I am a Dane lover and would not want any other breed.  This is a male and I generally do not own male dogs. I am talking to God for guidance on this matter. He will be a great little brother for my young girl Allie.  Allie is the nearly perfect Dane so he will have a good teacher.